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Plasco has a team of highly-skilled, trained and certified welders capable of welding and installing HDPE pipes and structured wall weholite pipes.

Our team is equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to be deployed to clients’ sites for welding and installing HDPE pipelines, ensuring that the pipe network is in good working order. To guarantee the quality of the welds, Plasco conducts on-site pressure testing of pipelines. This procedure is crucial in ensuring that the welds conform to industry regulations and standards. The welding parameters of each joint are also meticulously recorded for future reference. Moreover, Plasco aims to provide a complete solution to its clients by offering a range of services, from pipe installation to on-site pressure testing. Clients can rely on Plasco as a one-stop shop for all their piping needs.


Butt Fusion Jointing

A fully homogeneous pipe that is both durable and reliable.

Mechanical Jointing

Utilized for demanding conditions or remote locations.

Electro Fusion Jointing

Used when butt welding is not possible, and electro-fusion fittings are required.

Low Pressure Coupling

Utilized for quick and easy Weholite pipe jointing.

Plasco ServicesTraining ServicesTraining

Plasco has a team of highly-skilled, trained and certified welders capable of welding and installing HDPE pipes up to 630mm in diameter.

Although HDPE pipes offer many benefits over other pipe materials, working with such pipes & fittings can present challenges to contractors and field technicians who lack the technical experience of working with them. Does each weld meet specifications? Are the correct fittings being used and installed? Are safety considerations and requirements being met? Will this installation hold up when the pressure is turned on?

Plasco’s trainers are experts in their field. Each trainer is qualified with years of experience using fusion equipment, as well as pipe and fittings equipment to ensure we are providing you with the latest installation techniques and technology available in the market.