Tirdo director lauds Plasco for introducing Weholite technology

July 1, 2021
AllIn the Media

Prof Mtambo said the Plasco investment has made Tanzania one of the first countries in Africa to start manufacturing Weholite technology products. “It is encouraging to see Tanzania becoming the first country on the African continent and 11th in the world to introduce the Weholite technology,” Prof Mtambo said.

He pointed out that the technology is the long-standing solution for water, sanitation and hygiene challenges in the country. “The private sector is the engine of the country’s industrial drive agenda and Plasco has proved it. To become an industrial country, we need such kind of creative industries which are competitive and sustainable,” he added.

He advised the Plasco Ltd’s management to look for new markets outside for Weholite technology products to broaden its reach and earn more profit. The Tirdo chief executive also applauded the company for installing a quality-control laboratory within the factory, an aspect which many companies ignore.

Plasco’s Chief Operating Officer, Alimiya Osman told the Tirdo chief that the company is manufacturing Weholite products under license using state of the art production technology from Uponor Infra Oy of Finland.

Osman said Weholite pipes are of large diameter, structured that have proven to be a sustainable solution with a lifespan of over 100 years and are suitable for municipal and industrial applications.  “We thrive on providing high quality, sustainable infrastructure solutions that will last for generations.  This is why we have invested in Weholite technology, which is a world-renowned, best value piping solution for numerous applications including road and railway culverts, storm water management, water storage and irrigation systems, just to mention a few, “ Osman said.

He added that Plasco’s products and services are of impeccable quality hence the Weholite brand will simply add more value to its existing brands in the market. “Our brand image now reflects with what we are striving to achieve within the industry, and since we export our products, Plasco is proof that Tanzanian manufacturing companies have the facilities and capability to provide world-class products and solutions across the East African region and beyond,” he explained.

Under its slogan of ‘We stand for Quality,’ which epitomizes the company’s strong reputation for providing best value infrastructure products and services right across the East African region. Established nearly three decades ago, Plasco Limited is now the country’s leading thermoplastic pipe producer and has evolved into manufacturing un-plasticised polyvinyl-chloride (uPVC), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and most recently, Weholite HDPE structured wall pipes and products sold locally and in the East African region.

Source: IPP Media (The Guardian)